Increase motivation, build success,learn new skills. Get in touch with your subconscious, and work collaboratively with your hypnotherapist to  transform limiting beliefs into affirming powerful convictions. You have all you need inside you to succeed today. Now learn how to harness your own personal power and inner wisdom and start seeing results. 

Create healthier habits, improve relationships, tap into internal resources. Everybody deserves to live in harmony with themselves, and you are no exception.  Transform the inner critical voice stopping you from living the life you deserve, into a supportive coach!  Change the script now.  Experience freedom. Edit your internal narrative and change your behavior so that you stay in the driver's seat for the rest of your life. 

End stage fright, stress around test taking and public speaking. Many celebrities have used hypnosis to excel under pressure.  Princess Diana used it to aid her with public speaking and Tiger Woods famously enlisted the help of a hypnotherapist to help him "keep his head in the game".

Students and professionals love the ability to enter into presentations and tests feeling confident and calm. You deserve to showcase your unique gifts and talents without being distracted by feelings of worry or stress. Allow yourself to shine! 

 Become resilient to stress! Understand how stress affects your life and health. Fear is a product of perception. Discover the perceptual filters you see your own world through and how you can experience life the way you choose. You CAN feel better inside, regardless of what is happening around you.  Step into Empowerment and change your life. 

In addition to care received from your licensed physician, utilize medical support hypnotherapy to: 

  • Regain health
  • Prevent illness
  • Lose Weight
  • Accelerate healing
  • Respond  positively and fully to medical treatments
  • Avoid complications from medical procedures
  • Prepare for Surgery
  • Transform unhealthy  attitudes that prevent or delay healing
  • Build up a stronger immune system by decreasing stress

There are many more applications of medical support hypnotherapy. To best determine if medical support hypnotherapy is right for you, talk with your hypnotherapist. He/she may require a consultation with a licensed physician and  can work with your physician to determine how an integrative plan of care that includes hypnotherapy can serve you best. 

Enjoy sessions tailored to your specific needs. The urge to smoke is emotional. Unlock inner resources and build vital skills to support your health. Learn positive habits that address the need currently being met by smoking and quit for life! 

Regain healthy sleeping patterns. Fall asleep quickly, sleep soundly throughout the night and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energised. Feel calmer and more relaxed with hypnosis and learn special breathing and muscle relaxation techniques. 

Sleep plays a vital role in health, and affects our performance throughout the day. Use hypnotherapy to unveil and overcome underlying reasons for broken sleep cycles. 

Understand the spiritual concept of karma and the role it plays in your life today. Uncover soul level motivations for creating today's life circumstances. Meet spirit guides. 

Past life regression therapy is intended to assist you in looking beyond the reflection in the mirror. Who are we really? What's your purpose in this life? Answer life path questions by looking more deeply into yourself. 

Explore mysterious fascinations with people, places or things in your life today. Heal soul level wounds. Take responsibility for your life path. 

Weather you view past lives as your own personal history, or as a metaphorical story our mind creates, you have an inner wisdom and problem solving intelligence inside of you that is available to you in trance. It's part of you, and given the opportunity will assist you, offer solutions and provide healing. 

Children are naturally creative. The innate ability to enter into hypnosis is inside us all. Children often have great success with hypnosis because they haven't developed beliefs that would cause them to resist entering trance. 

Hypnotherapy can benefit children in many ways. 

  • Gain self control 
  • Become more self confident 
  • End habits
  • Reduce fear and worry 
  • Reduce or eliminate pain 
  • Sleep 
  • End trouble in School 

If you are wondering if hypnotherapy can help your child, speak with your hypnotherapist. They can answer any questions you have and discuss how hypnotherapy may benefit your child, as well as how the process works. He/She may require a visit to the pediatrician depending on what the issue is, and can work with your pediatrician to determine the best integrative approach to solving the issue.  It is important that all medical concerns are either ruled out, or  diagnosed by a licensed healthcare professional before starting hypnotherapy. This ensures that your child receives the best care possible. When used as an adjunct to western medicine, hypnotherapy can play a vital and significant role in a child's holistic health care plan. 

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