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Hypnotherapists help people use their own inner resources to improve the quality of their lives. Hypnotherapists are committed to the service of life, which includes health and wellbeing–the actualization of human potential. Hypnotherapists, therefore, take on the role of practitioner of hypnotherapy, life skills and achievement coach and educator. The International Board of Hypnotherapy bases its Code of Ethics on the fundamental principles of the Clinical Hypnotherapy profession, which embraces the uniqueness, worth, dignity and equal rights of all human beings. The International Board of Hypnotherapy requires all of its members to conduct their profession according to the following ethical principles.

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Angel Black is a Fellow of The International Board of Hypnotherapy.IBH Cert #: F10717-501 The IBH holds rigorous requirements for qualifying for this designation. For more information regarding qualifications of hypnotherapists, read this consumer alert issued by the IBH.

Why Hypnotherapy is so popular

Hypnosis is a reeducation process of the mind. The mind is the origin of all thought. Everything we think or feel starts as a thought. Over time, we all develop a library of thoughts, some we believe to be true-beliefs. This library of stored thought, is the reference point for all decisions we make, all responses we have and all of our behavior in every circumstance we encounter. So many things we do, think and feel seem to be automatic- and to a large degree they are. We respond to our world with conditioned responses, ways we have learned to behave as a result of the feelings we have about the events of our lives. These feelings are also a form of thought. From a biological perspective, nature provided us with the perfect system. We learn, adapt and adjust as needed to live in harmony with the world around us. Seems simple. Right?

But what happens when we aren't satisfied with what's going on with us, or the world around us? What if our behavior is self defeating, limiting or non productive? Conditioned responses are valid, and serve a purpose at some time. The majority of thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that make up who we are, are developed early on in life- when there are limited internal resources available and few life skills have developed. As we all grow and mature, an editing process needs to take place. At one time or another we all find that we need to grow, change and evolve.

Enter Hypnosis. Often when people want to make a change, experience something differently, or improve a component of their lives, they struggle to see their ambition through to success. Sometimes the change doesn't seem to last, they fall back into old patterns or worse the goal is never accomplished at all.The reason people fail is because of not making the change in the right place. All behavior is driven by belief, which is to say, our thoughts literally control our behavior. If you want to change you behavior, then you must go to the source- the thought. In Integral hypnotherapy sessions your practitioner will assist you in discovering the subconscious beliefs that drive your behaviors. In a collaborative reeducation process you will work with the hypnotherapist, to edit limiting, non beneficial beliefs and replace them with beliefs in alignment with the outcome you desire.

hypnosis Facts Vs myths

Hypnosis puts you back in the driver's seat and gives you control and freedom. You decide what subconsciously drives you. Hypnotherapy has given thousands of Americans more freedom, more success and better health. It's safe and effective. Scientific and medical research continues to mount in support of the efficacy of hypnotherapy as a complement to medicine and more people than ever are reaping the benefits of hypnosis in all areas of their lives.

Myth: Hypnosis can be used to uncover your secrets and can make you share things you don't want to

Truth: You are in control while in hypnosis, so you can lie or edit your responses. You cannot be forced to disclose anything. People share what they want to in hypnosis and keep private whatever they choose

Myth: Intelligent or strong minded people people are difficult to hypnotize

Fact: People that are intelligent and creative usually find it easy to enter into hypnosis. Anyone who wants to experience hypnosis can

Myth: Hypnosis can make you "Do" something you don't want to, or that you will regret later

Truth: Learning how to enter hypnosis will empower you to acquire more control over your mind and behavior. Nobody can cause you to act outside of your moral code in hypnosis or do anything you would rather not do

Myth:Hypnosis is the same as mind control or brainwashing

Fact: Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that everyone experiences each day. To be brainwashed a person must also experience deprivation. Hypnosis is a tool for empowerment

Myth: In hypnosis you lose consciousness and could get stuck in hypnosis

Fact: People in hypnosis are not unconscious.Psychically in hypnosis people maintain their awareness, and actively participate in their session.Some people feel deeply relaxed